He Says It’s a Hunk of Junk, She Says Otherwise

On the weekend we made our regular trip to Homesense for a quick browse. While hubby was looking for boring stuff like socks, I ran into this French Style accent table smack dab in the middle of the store.

Pretty cute eh? I’ll tell you something that will make you love this fab piece even more. It cost me $16.00 (well, $17.92 to be exact). No joke. I’m completely serious but there is a slight catch – the table is broken!

And that is why this piece went from $99.99 to $16!

My husband took one look and said, “What are you going to do with it? It’s just junk”.

Husbands! We’ve been married for 9 years and he still hasn’t figured out that putting his foot down and saying no, makes me more determined to convince him that the answer should be yes. Although he wasn’t entirely convinced, he was the one carrying the table to over to the cashier.

Oddly enough there were a lot of snickers and comments from other nearby shoppers. Maybe they thought I was crazy????  (I do have my moments!)

I don’t blame them. Not everyone can see the shiny potential in something broken. Looks are deceiving because this broken side table just needs a bit of  wood glue and nails. I would never pay $160 for this table. The reason why it fell apart is because the pieces were hot glued together and “reinforced” with a couple of shallow staples.

We laughed ourselves out of the store while the cashiers looked at us in wonder. Obviously they don’t read cool DIY blogs like I do! I can’t wait to get this pet project of mine all fixed up.

What amazing find have you come across at Homesense?

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  1. Awesome find. I can’t wait to see your final work!!


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  2. […] He Says it’s a Hunk of Junk, She Says Otherwise […]