Does the Keurig Elite Trump My Old Tassimo?

I want to start this post by telling you a little secret of mine. Despite entertaining friends and family in my home for over 9 years, I still have no idea how to brew a decent pot of coffee! Being tea drinkers, our java loving guests have been subjected to helping themselves to a cuppa instant.

Not wanting to be bad hosts, we invested in a Tassimo Beverage System by Braun (now manufactured under Bosch). Aside from the non-environmentally friendly waste problem of all one-cup automatic brewers, the Tassimo seemed to be the perfect system for light coffee drinkers (is there a such thing?) or non-drinkers like us who enjoy playing the perfect host to a bunch of caffeine lovers.

The Tassimo uses barcode technology that reads the code on each individual cartridge also known as a T-Disc. It brews the perfect one cup beverage based on the code which lets the machine know the required temperature and serving size. It’s a smart machine. We have used the Tassimo to serve up everything from hot chocolate and chai lattes to cappuccinos and Starbucks house blend.

While it does comes in handy for entertaining, there are some things we dislike about the Tassimo. The main issue is the noise. Who wants to be jolted awake in the morning by the thundering vibration of a coffee maker? Yes, the Tassimo is that obnoxious!

The second problem is something I already mentioned briefly and that is the waste produced by the T-Discs. The discs are made of plastic and foil and only good for one use. If you have 1 cup of coffee a day, that’s 365 discs straight to the garbage. My husband takes the time to peal off the foil, compost the coffee grinds and recycle the plastic. It’s a lot of work. (And we’re not the ones drinking the coffee!)

Enter the Keurig Elite.

I was stoked to find out that Bzzagent was sending me one of these to try out. I really wanted to be able to compare this newer machine to my older Tassimo.

So how do these two automatic one cup brewing system stack up against each other? Can the Keurig convince me to part ways with my faithful Tassimo?

Well for starters, the Keurig offers a Quiet-Brew Technology and that alone is a big seller for me. I also like the wide selection of K-Cups. I think there are over 200 varieties of coffee, tea and iced beverages available for Keurig brewing systems. Van Houtte, Green Mountain Coffee and Newman’s Own Organics all received rave reviews from guests who were invited to try out my new Keurig. I myself tried the Celestial Seasonings Tea and it was TERRIBLE but I really don’t feel these machines are meant for brewing tea.

Like the T-Discs, the K-Cups for the Keurig create a lot of garbage. What I would love to see are compost friendly cartridges for all of the automatic single cup brewers on the market. The Keurig does sell an optional reusable coffee filter which is something I would like to try down the road.

Another feature of the Keurig Elite I like is the choice of 2 cup sizes for brewing. The Tassimo allows you to manually add water adjust the intensity of your brewed coffee but the Keurig makes this task simple by providing two one touch buttons – 8 ounce or 10 ounce cups.

It’s really hard for me to say which machine I truly like better. They both do the same thing and they both do it well. To sum things up, the Tassimo is fantastic if you want to brew up fancy drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. It’s also great if you have a love affair with Starbucks which is available on T-Discs only. The biggest con of the Tassimo is the noise factor but I’m sure this issue has been addressed in the more recent models by Bosch.

Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed using the Keurig and my guests were impressed by the selection of coffee in the sampler box. The machine operates quietly and smoothly. It’s a great machine for brewing coffee which is generally what most guests enjoy drinking at home dinner parties. I’ve never really had a guest request a cappuccino! If simplicity is what you want, then the Keurig is the way to go.

It is safe to say that the Keurig Elite and Tassimo Beverage Brewing System are both very good machines. If I had to pick one to keep, I would lean slightly towards the Keurig but only because it offers an optional reusable filter accessory that further widens the selection of coffee available and it’s reduces waste.

I had initially promised my sister the Keurig after I was finished with it but I may just end up passing along the Tassimo instead.

What do you think? Do I need to have a Keurig Tassimo throwdown? Now there is a fun idea for Thanksgiving!

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