Prowling for Bargains at the Big Box Orange Store

Guess what we did this past weekend? We went and bought ourselves a carload of goodies from Home Depot. We weren’t planning to buy so much but you know how it is when you have an eye out for bargains…

Yes, that is a big rolled up area rug in our vehicle. And yes, it is the Martha Stewart Fretwork rug we agreed to buy for our media room just a few weeks ago. Yes, it finally went on “sale”.

I’ve had my eye on this Martha Stewart Living rug ever since her line was introduced at Home Depot. It never goes on sale but since we decided last month that this was the rug we wanted for our basement media room, I’ve been religiously checking the weekly flyers “just in case”.

Technically, the rug wasn’t “on sale”. There were some flooring specials in the flyer but nothing exciting for area rugs. I discovered the price reduction by chance on last Friday evening while browsing online at  Lo and behold the rug I wanted had a “Lower Price” tag on it! The price was reduced from $329 to $263. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I hate paying full price for anything and $66 in savings was enough to convince me to head over to the big orange store on the weekend.

I don’t know what I’m more excited about – the fact that we bought the rug or that we found gorgeous maple hardwood floor (made in Canada – bonus!) for our upcoming home office renovation. Have I mentioned our dream office/library reno to you? No? Well I’ll tell you about it some other time!

Our budget for the hardwood was $595 ($5.95/sq ft) which we were actually planning to plunk down at a local flooring place the following day. We’re not impulsive buyers but we just couldn’t say no to the stack of hardwood – it was a near perfect match to our current floor and it was screaming our names at a price of $3.49/ sq ft. (Please, please, please don’t rain on my parade by telling me it’s not a good price!)

Okay, enough with the boring deal on the hardwood,  I’ll just show you our new rug!

Much better than the ratty old Berber from the playroom don’t you think? It’s still a little wrinkly but I’m guessing it will flatten out over time. Anyone have tips and tricks for smoothing out new area rugs?

*Sigh* I love our new rug. Now if only a new sectional and accent chairs could magically appear from thin air…and some lighting, side tables, a new coffee table, better window treatments, artwork…oh the list goes on and on…and on!

Do you love shopping for bargains? What have you found on your deal hunting adventures?

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