Home Office Renovation Progress

Unlike my ambitious DIY playroom storage and media cabinet projects, I’m happy to report that our home office renovation is progressing quickly. Why is that? I’m not sure I should tell.

Are you ready for this?

I hired someone to design and install custom cabinetry and flooring in our office space. Yes, I know I’m an huge advocate of DIY. I’m all for saving money when and where I can. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is worth saving up and splurging on something you really want. I considered building a modular office unit that had the look of built in cabinets or dressing up Ikea bookcases with trim but these ideas didn’t seem right for our vision for the space.

We really wanted a classic, solid wood library and office space and decided it would be better to save our pennies and go for what we wanted instead of settling for something less.

Okay, where was I going with this? Oh yes, I wanted to show you what has been done so far. Subfloor one day and beautiful hardwood the next!

We are so pleased with the hardwood floor. The finish is slightly different from the original hardwood on the rest of our main floor area but the colour is a very close match. Once the cabinets and furniture are in the office, any difference in the flooring will hardly be noticeable.

Speaking of which, the bookcases and cabinets are being installed today. I’m hiding in our basement with my petrified two year old who keeps reminding me that “The man is too loud”!  I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful built ins at the end of the day.

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