Make it Yourself: Hello Kitty Crochet Hat Pattern

Okay crafty crochet friends – you asked nicely and now I’m going to give you what you want – a free pattern for the crochet hat that resembles a certain popular cartoon kitty named “Hello”.

Please (with a cherry on top) remember that I’m not a professional pattern writer. I’m a visual learner/artist. I rarely follow crochet patterns and when I do, I tend to make changes as needed. I crocheted my Hello Kitty hat without using a pattern. Yes, even the pointy ears, eyes and nose were improvised and created from scratch.

That being said, I have taken the time to create and write up a pattern for my Hello Kitty Crochet Hat. As promised, I’m providing the pattern for free. You may use this pattern to make your own Hello Kitty Crochet Hat. Please do not copy my pattern. If you would like to share the pattern with a friend, please directly link to my post.

I would love to see your finished projects so be sure to share your results in the comments section below.

Hello Kitty Crochet Hat Instructions

The hat itself is very easy to make. It is crocheted as a single piece and can be easily made larger or smaller. There is no need to worry about gauge as the size of the hat is adjustable to your individual needs.

Materials & Supplies

  • White medium weight worsted yarn (hat, ears)
  • Red or Pink medium weight worsted yarn (bow, optional trim)
  • Yellow medium weight worsted yarn (nose)
  • Black medium weight worsted yarn (eyes)
  • Matching thread for sewing on eyes and nose
  • Black embroidery floss for whiskers
  • Sewing needles
  • Crochet hook

Before you begin crocheting you will need to measure the head circumference of the person who will be wearing the hat. If the hat is for yourself, measure your own head and if the hat is for a friend, measure his or her head. Try to measure the widest part of the head as this will help you achieve the most comfortable fit. The next step requires a bit of math (gasp! it does come handy after all).

Use your measurement to calculate the diameter of the head (circle). In case you have forgotten, the formula is circumference divided by pi (3.14).


The circumference of my niece’s head is 22 inches. To figure out the circumference, divide 22 by pi which is 3.14.

22/3.14 = 7

The diameter of my niece’s head is approximately 7 inches.

Remember the diameter because this number is important for  customizing the fit of the hat. Hope my math lesson wasn’t too confusing. If you want to skip the math, you can guessimate the diameter or just start crocheting and measure your round against the head as you go.

Hello Kitty Crochet Hat Pattern

As tempting as it is to finish your project quickly, do not replace the single crochet stitches with half or double crochet. Working with half or double crochet will yield faster but less polished looking results.

Rnd 1: Chain 2

Rnd 2: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Rnd 3: 2 sc in each stitch for a total of 12 stitches

Rnd 4: 1 sc, 2 sc in next st. Repeat pattern for total of 18 stitches.

Rnd 5: 2 sc, 2 sc in next st. Repeat for total of 24 stiches

Continue crocheting in rounds following the pattern of increasing each round by 6 single crochet stitches. The easiest way to do this without counting out stitches is to mark the beginning of each round with a safety pin and adding 1 extra sc at the same 6 points of increase.  You can see in the picture that the “round” is actually more hexagonal than circular.

Keep crocheting until the diameter of the round is equal to the diameter of the head. Do not fasten off.

Right now your hat is looking pretty flat and you’re wondering if your project will ever begin to resemble a hat at all. At this point you will want to continue crocheting in rounds WITHOUT increasing. As you continue crocheting, your flat round will slowly take on a bowl shape. Keep crocheting until your hat (which should look more like a fitted beanie) reaches the desired length.

The trim is optional. If you want to add trim to match the bow, simply change yarn colour about two or three rows before you get to the desired length of the hat. 

Pattern for Hello Kitty Ears

Crocheting the ears is similar to crocheting the round for the hat. Instead of increasing the rounds by 6 stitches, you will be increasing the rounds by 4 stitches.

Rnd 1: ch 2

Rnd 2: 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Rnd 3: 2 sc in each sc for total of 8 stitches

Rnd 4: 1 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat pattern for total of 12 stitches

Rnd 5: 2sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat pattern for total of 16 stitches

Rnd 6: 1 sc in each sc for total of 16 stitches

Rnd 7: 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat pattern for total of 20 stitches

Fasten off and leave a long piece of yarn for sewing ear onto the hat.

Pattern for Hello Kitty Eyes and Nose

Use the following pattern to create a pair of eyes and the nose.

Row 1: ch 5

Row 2: 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook, 1 sc in next 2 stitches. 3 sc in last stitch

Row 3: (You will now be working in the free loops of the foundation ch stitches.) 1 sc in next 3 stitches, 2 sc in the last stitch of the foundation row.

Row 4: 1 sc in next 4 stitches, sl st in next sc. Fasten off weave in loose ends.

Pattern for Hello Kitty Bow

The bow is the most flexible piece of the project. You can adjust the length of the foundation chain row to your needs. To make a wider bow, simply add more chain stitches. You can also add more rows to your liking.

Row 1: Ch 30, join ends together with a sl st to create a ring

Row 2-7: 1 sc in each sc all around. Fasten off with a sl st and leave an extra long tail for wrapping around the centre of the bow. Knot and weave in end into backside of the bow.

Once you have completed all the pieces (1 hat, two eyes, 1 nose and 1 bow) you are ready to put the hat together. The key to achieving the Hello Kitty look is the placement and spacing the eyes, nose and whiskers. For best results, compare your work to the original licensed character.

Enjoy the free pattern but please remember that I wrote this out from scratch and I’m not a professional. I tried very hard to write out exactly what I crocheted. If you have questions or need tips, please leave a comment below so everyone may benefit.

Have fun crocheting your hats!

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  1. Someone sent me a hat just like this in a gift exchange… it’s adorable and I love it! Maybe they got the pattern from you :)

  2. Hi i love your hat!! I’m definitly gonna try to make it, i just want to know in each round do you sl st? Or you work continuosly? Thank you :)

  3. Nice job! I have made my own but struggled with the ears, thanks!

  4. I’m sorry, I’m new, I would like to know how you close each row, sl sc or just continue?

    • Hi Cindy,

      When crocheting in rounds it is best to use a marker to mark the beginning of each row/round. You do not need to slip stitch at the end of the round – just continue crocheting:-) Hope that helps!

  5. I would like to know what the back looks like with the ears, I made my ears but if I attach them the way I understand I’m suppose to its going to look weird

  6. This is adorable. I’m going to try & make one for my daughter’s friend’s baby. I made her a Hello Kitty quilt, curtains, dress & shoes, so I might as well make a hat too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the hat & want to finish it for her birthday this weekend. I guess what I really need is the number of stitches in the final round. for a 21″ circumference. (the same size as your niece)
    Thanks very much,

    • Hi Cookie, I don’t have the finished hat to refer to but I’m guessing it is about 15-17 stitches between each increase. It’s best to measure the diameter of your round as you work because everyone’s gauge is different. If your round is approximately 7″ across then you are ready to form the rest of the hat. Happy Crocheting!

  8. I am making this for my niece, who is a 21″ circumference, like your niece. She is in another state so I am not able to try the hat on for sizing. I would really appreciate if you could tell me the number of stitches between the increases of the last row of increasing at the 6 points?

    • Hi Cookie,

      I don’t know the extra number of stitches for the last row…but an easier way to crochet a circle is to simply mark the beginning of your round and be sure to add 6 stitches per round wherever you see fit. Doing this will give the same results, a round circle that serves at the top part of the hat. If the diameter of your niece’s head is 7″ then your round should also be 7″ wide. Does that make sense? I hope this helps:-)


  9. kimi anderson says:

    The ears, did you fold the ears in fourths or halves.

  10. How do you get your circles to look so pointy? My circles even when folded in half are still very round.

    • Hi Kimi – Are you referring to the pattern for the ears or the hat? The “circle” for the hat isn’t quite a circle because I’m increasing by 6 stitches in the same spot in each round. It’s more of a “roundish” looking hexagon. It’s okay if the top of your hate looks more like a circle.

  11. Just wondering what size crochet hook you used to make the hat?

  12. I just fell upon your blog and think your hello kitty hat is just adorable. I am going to try it out. Also, thought your measurements were very helpful with figuring out the circumference. Knitting or crocheting an accurate size hat is always a challenge! Would love to try out the pattern for the cupcakes as to I now have two baby granddaughters. Where can I find your pattern for those?

    • Hi Lisa,

      My kids love their Hello Kitty hats. I made one for their cousin as a birthday present and she wore it all night! The crochet cupcake pattern is from one of Ana Paula Rimoli’s books but she posted a very similar pattern on her blog. You can always play around with the pattern until you get the desired shape and size cupcake. Here is a link to her pattern:

      Have fun and let me know how the Hello Kitty Hats turn out!


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