Baby Girl’s Quilt

Finally, a new project to show you! Although I have been busy working on various things in my new craft room, I haven’t been motivated to update my blog. It’s hard to get anything done lately with the second trimester honeymoon over and only 8 weeks until baby girl arrives.

Because this is our third child, we really haven’t had to buy or do much to prepare for her imminent arrival. Ange of All Trades (who just became a new mama to a baby boy) managed to convince me to make a baby quilt for our new addition. As she pointed out, I did sew quilts for daughters number 1 and 2 and it only makes sense to have a special one made up for number 3. She even gave me a kick start in the right direction by donating Lily and Will fabrics by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda from her quilting stash!

Rather than go shopping for more colours and patterns, I decided to use up the chocolate brown fabric from my own stash to compliment the muted, vintage feel palette of the Lily and Will line of quilting cottons.

I used a simple “X’s and O’s” block to create this quilt. Be sure to watch this easy to follow this video tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co. if you are interested in sewing your own.

I really wanted to be economical and managed to piece together blocks of the remaining Lily and Will fabrics and the plain brown to create the quilt back. I have tons of quilt batting leftover from my previous projects so this baby quilt cost me nothing. Well, no new expenses anyhow.

Can you see the X’s and the O’s? You would achieve completely different looks by using high contrast fabrics or spacing the blocks out with a border.

I prefer to hand bind my quilts. It’s a bit more work but I like the finish better than a machine sewn binding.

This is the first big project that I completed in my brand new dedicated crafting space! Although I managed to do all the sewing at one kitchen island work station, the addition of a sewing nook/table/station would be most welcome in the near future. Not that I’ll have much time on my hands for quilting or crafting.

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  1. Gorgeous new quilt! New baby is so lucky!!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :-)

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