Pinned it and Made it – Sew Your Own Children’s Pouf

Well hello! After neglecting my blog all summer, I’m back to show off a fun project – kid sized poufs. What are poufs? Fancy floor cushions basically. Check it out!
Sew your own kid size poufs

Our playroom lacks seating for both adults and kids. My plan was to make a couple of floor cushions so the kids have something comfortable and inviting to use when they are reading or just hanging out. I really liked the one seater cushions and beanbag chairs at Land of the Nod and Pottery Barn Kids but of course I’m not willing to shell out $50 much less $172 for these things.

Land of the Nod One Seater

Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs

One quick search via Pinterest and voila – a fantastic tutorial on how to make your own Land of the Nod inspired floor cushion by Living with Punks! Susan’s tutorial is very easy to follow. I basically followed her instructions with a few adjustments but otherwise, it’s a very straightforward plan/pattern.

DIY PoufThis is my first time sewing piping. It’s much easier than I thought. I lost my zipper foot but I highly recommend using one if you have it. Also for a nicer finish, I closed up my piping using this method:

By the time I got to sewing my third pouf (actually it was my fourth but I’ll save that for another post), I was tired of adding piping and decided that it would be fine to leave it out.

DIY Pouf

I love the fabric. I bought all my prints from Tonic Living, a really great Canadian based online fabric store. Oh, did I mention you only need 1 yard of 54″ width fabric to make one pouf? Keep that in mind when shopping for fabric.

Sew your own pouf (floor cushion)

My little one likes to play with the poufs. I made one for each of my girls. I’m pretty sure they will be used often in the playroom.

DIY Pouf

If you are planning to sew your own pouf, I would stock up on poly fill – the more the better.  In Susan’s tutorial, she suggests using 16-24oz of poly fill to stuff the cushions. I don’t know the exact weight but I can tell you that I used A LOT more than 24oz. I recycled the filling from 7 pillows and used 2 bags (24oz) of poly fill to stuff 4 poufs.

DIY Land of the Nod Floor CushionOverall, I really enjoyed making these kids sized poufs. They are a great addition to playrooms, family rooms and children’s bedrooms. As I bring this post to a close, I’m already pinning new projects to work on! Maybe I’ll make this Jelly Roll floor pillow next. You can never have too many comfy pillows for reading nooks right?

So that’s it…Land of the Nod inspired floor pillow – pinned it and made it!

Until next time – Happy Crafting!

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